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Retirement Insurance

Often times, our hard and dedication to the company truly does pay off. Many employers no longer provide long term pension plans for retired employees. But what if your pension plan doesn't include a Life Insurance policy that fits your lifestyle? Wouldn't you want to ensure your loved ones truly have the means to continue on long after you have passed.

With Retirement Insurance through MedCare Life Insurance, we offer supplemental plans that can fit on top of your pre-existing life insurance policy offered through your retirement. There are a lot of options for to consider ensuring your beneficiaries are protected in the event of death.

MedCare Life Insurance is one of the premier providers of Retirement Insurance in this industry. We focus on custom building a life insurance policy that suits your needs- whether you have retained your policy from your previous place or work or not.

Many pension life insurance plans only cover the base essentials- if that. With a Retirement Insurance policy through MedCare Life Insurance, we make sure you have coverage you want.

Our policies can:
    Add supplemental amounts to existing retirement benefits
    Both lump sum and periodic disbursements 
    No ridiculous hassles or invasive investigations

We treat you with respect you deserve. After serving loyally as a representative of your company, shouldn't you have the peace of mind of knowing that your beneficiaries will have all they need after you gone? Give MedCare Life Insurance a call today and inquire about our programs with Retirement Insurance

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